Hookahs Coming Of Age in America - A hookah is an elaborate and extravagant water pipe.

Travel Commandments - We hope you will take a little time to look all of these over.

The Spanish Region of Catalonia - Catalonia shares it's northern border with the countries of Andorra and France in the mountainous Pyrenees.

Venice the Bride Of the Sea - Venice, the beautiful ?bride of the sea? is a city of northeast Italy.

A Travelers Medical and First Aid Checklist - Weeks before you're slated to leave on your trip you should think about the medical and first aid supplies you will need.

Prince Edward Island - Prince Edward Island is the smallest province that I am going to be writing about which is situated in the gulf of saint Lawrence north of Nova Scotia , east of new Brunswick.

Denver Vacation Here are Five Ways to Shop Till You Drop - One of Denver's better kept secrets is what a great place it is to shop.

Getting The Most Out Of Family Vacation Preparations Revealed - A recent Travel Activities & Motivation Study indicates that 77 per cent of Canadians cited relaxing, recreation and recuperation as the top commonly sought out experiences while on a vacation.

Room for One More Riding the Philippines Jeepneys - The Philippines is renowned for its multi-coloured, highly decorated jeepneys.

Travel the Country in a Motorhome Check Out Quartzsite Arizona - Where is Quartzsite Arizona? Well it is in the middle of nowhere, literally situated in a valley about 25 miles from the California boarder on I-10.

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