Travel the Country in a Motorhome Check Out Quartzsite Arizona

Where is Quartzsite Arizona? Well it is in the middle of nowhere, literally situated in a valley about 25 miles from the California boarder on I-10. But did you know that this little desert town of Quartzsite has 79 trailer parks, and gets over 175,000 RV'ers, who stay for winter months.As a matter of fact there are now 1.5 million full time RV'ers in the US and the number is going trajectory and has what appears to be an exponential curve attached to its previous numbers.

Once the Internet infrastructure is complete it is expected to increase. Amish motor home makers in PA and Indiana already know this as well as Bus Conversion Companies in VA, TX and NV.In Quartzsite; vendors and swap meets have tried to fill the void of the 1 million free spending RV crowd who drop lots of money into the local economy and even though many are on a fixed income they like to keep their stuff nice and washed and can not do it their selves. The town has 600+ vendors and 18 swap meets.

To find out more on why we picked Quartzsite back as a great place to stop go to;. then click on 85346 for Quartzsite. We watched the political climate change like the wind in Quartzsite and we saw what happened when officials decided an airport should be built and then the city sewer system with its own POTW, but the locals 2300 residence would have none of that.

So, like many small towns with growing pains, Quartzsite Arizona now is temporarily on hold, but one day it will be a full-fledged city along the I-10. For now it is a good place to stop for those traveling in Motorhomes down the I-10 corridor. Consider all this in 2006.


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