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For the past 8 years, the coveted Best Airport Award has gone to Singapore's Changi airport. When asked for their thoughts on this prestigious honour, the normally gracious Singaporean airport officials had "no comment".  Despite this flagrant disregard, they did generously send me a CD ROM containing stunning photos of their facilities. And so it is, that Singapore's little city within a city remains the reining mother of all airports that airports around the world should emulate and airport sleepers must visit on their sleeping travels.  Sleepers worldwide will be brought to tears of joy when they discover all of the wonderful amenities available in Singapore.  Throw away those inflatable rafts for this trip, my friends, because there are comfortable seats all over the place.  In addition to those typical amenities that we rave about at other airports such as internet cafes, prayer rooms, shopping, and good eats, add these upgrades available at Changi: free mobile charging, free tours of the city, alarm clocks on the chairs, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, massage and spa facilities, live bands, extensive gardens, a special "official" napping corner, and free movies -- all at the airport.  There really is no reason to leave Club Changi.  Several contributors have raved about Changi and have suggested you stay a few nights there even if you have the money for a hotel.  I am almost inclined to travel to Singapore, just to camp out in the airport. Best of all, it is comfortable, safe, quiet (so quiet in fact that students study there during exams) and there's even a karaoke bar. One other fun fact about this little piece of heaven on earth are the signs that read " no pets, no skateboarding, no smoking and no studying".  Check out the official  Singapore Changi web site before you go to see, via photos, what this airport is about. 

Runners up of the Golden Pillow Award go to (in alphabetical order):

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Why? Children's play area, internet, showers, In transit areas feature comfortable sleeping chairs while pre-check-in seats are horrible, a casino to make your stay here go quickly

  2. Auckland, New Zealand
    Why? Few announcements, movable chairs and benches, comfortable couches, showers, mini-theatre with lounge chairs

  3. Brisbane, Australia
    Why? Couches in the international terminal, free showers, soothing background music

  4. Helsinki, Finland
    Why? Showers, benches and couches, internet

  5. Hong Kong, China
    Why? Cushioned benches, overstuffed single chairs, showers, courteous staff, free internet, e-message board, children's play area, tv lounge

  6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Why? So quiet they play soft classical music to liven things up a bit, the traveller's lounge at US$ 17 gets you access to free food, tea, coffee, beer, internet, magazines, TV, access to massage chairs, mini golf putting green, and showers

  7. Seoul Incheon, South Korea
    Why? Comfortable couches sent from the "Almighty, "restful", "stress-free, "designed with the comfort of passengers in mind", lots of available seats, free internet, showers, possibility of 5 hour+ naps, free lockers, children's play room, massage room, game room, "slumberettes", telephone numbers throughout to should you be anal enough to want to "complain" about anything  you find not to your liking.