Venice the Bride Of the Sea

Venice, the beautiful "bride of the sea" is a city of northeast Italy. Venice, also known as the "Queen of the Adriatic" is built on 118 islets within a lagoon in the Gulf of Venice, an arm of the Adriatic Sea. Venice is locally dubbed as 'The Most Serene One' for its tranquil and placid beauty.Venice, the 'city of canals', is the capital of the region of Veneto and of the province of Venice. Venice has a great network of canals instead of streets.

The Grand Canal serves as its main canal. The people use gondolas and other boats to move about the city. Shakespeare beautifully pictured the comely city of gondolas in 'the merchant of Venice' and 'Othello'.

Venice was sinking an average of 1/5th of an inch yearly until the middle 1970s, when the government restricted use of water from the city's underground wells. Venice is one of Italy's major ports besides commercial & industrial center.Venice is one of the most coveted tourist spots in the world.

Saint Mark's Square, on which sits the Basilica of Saint Mark, the Bell Tower, Piazza San Marco, Campo San Polo, the Palace of the Doges (the former rulers of the city), Palazzo Grassi, Ca' d'Oro, Ca' Rezzonico, Peggy Guggenheim Collection museum, Palazzo Labia and the Academy of Fine Arts are the main attractions of the city. The city also houses the famous paintings of such Venetian masters as Titian, Tintoretto, and Paolo Veronese. Venice is famous for its nightlife, museums and hotels.If you are planning for venice vacation, can help you find venice hotel.

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By: Sardool Sikandar

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