A Travelers Medical and First Aid Checklist

Weeks before you're slated to leave on your trip you should think about the medical and first aid supplies you will need. These supplies depend on your health and your destination. In addition to your passport, you should bring your immunization record with you and a photocopy of this record.

Bringing a list of the medicine you take and the dosages is also a good idea. Then, if you are injured and need medical treatment, doctors can cross-check your medications for adverse reactions.Your prescription medicine should be in the original bottle so customs officials can identify the medicine(s). Do NOT repack pills in other containers or plastic zipper bags. If you have a heart condition and need to take an antibiotic before dental work, bring the heart condition card with you.

Also make note of any allergies you may have.EQUIPMENT.* Medical alert bracelet if you wear one.* Eyeglasses and case.

Bring a photocopy of your eyeglasses prescription with you in case your glasses break and you have to replace them.* Eyeglasses repair kit (the kind with the tiny screwdriver and screws).* Sunglasses.* Lens cleaner.* Sun hat or cap with visor.* Earplugs.

* Band-aids and moleskin in case you get blisters on your feet.* Support hose if your doctor has prescribed compression therapy. If you wear support stockings bring a pair of rubber gloves with you. Easing the stockings on with rubber gloves helps to prevent holes.* If you wear a hearing aid or aids, bring a small case with you and plenty of extra batteries.

* CPAP breathing machine if you have sleep apnea. Put a name tag on the case and the machine.MEDICATIONS.

* Antibiotic (In many countries antibiotics are not available.).* Nasal spray. (Follow directions and don't take more than the label recommends.).* Pain reliever, such as Ibuprofen.

* Prescription medicine in original bottles.* Motion sickness pills or patches.* Antacid tablets such as Tums or Gas-X.* Cough drops.* Sunscreen (15 rating or higher).* Antibiotic creme for cuts.

* Itch creme for bites and rashes.Check the prescription date of all medicines before you pack them. Dated medicine may be ineffective or dangerous. Ask your doctor for prescription refills if you need them.

Travelers with special health needs should check with their doctor several weeks before departure. Have a great trip!.Copyright 2006 by Harriet Hodgson.

. Hodgson has been a nonfiction writer for 27 years and is a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists.

Her 24th book, "Smiling Through Your Tears: Anticipating Grief," written with Lois Krahn, MD is available from A five-star review of the book is also posted on Amazon. You'll find another review on the American Hospice Foundation website under the "School Corner" heading.

By: Harriet Hodgson

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