Vacationing in Anchorage Alaska

For all those who desire to bask in the glory of nature along with an adventurous vacation, anchorage in Alaska is just the ideal destination. Bordered by snow-capped mountains Anchorage is one place that is the home for four seasons that offer pleasant atmosphere. These seasons make enable the residents as well as the visitors enjoy their work. Mother nature has bestowed the place with almost everything possible. From huge water bodies and glaciers to seals, whales and sea bears Anchorage has it all.

To know about the tradition and culture of Anchorage, Alaska, make a visit to the Alaska Native Heritage Center. At the outdoor area of the center there are five traditional permanent village exhibits and a talking circle where traditional games are paraded. While in the indoor visitors are entertained with a short introductory film about the Native cultures. There are also various educational performances such as dancing, singing, storytelling etc. Also worth visiting is the Anchorage museum of history and art that is located quite close to the heritage center.

The museum displays more than 20,000 archaic pieces that have great historical significance. The Alaska Zoo is a definite pull of Anchorage, Alaska. The zoo has different species of polar bear, Arctic fox, reindeer, lynx etc. In order to confront ferocious grizzlies, bison's, musk ox and other wildlife Alaska Wildlife Conservation is just the right place. The Chugach National Park in the northeast area of Alaska is famous for hiking and wild animals such as wolves and bears. Other places worth visiting are the Elmendorf State Hatchery and Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge.

People from all over the world take keen interest in being a part of the celebrations in Anchorage, Alaska. For instance the month of January is swarming with people because of the Annual Anchorage Folk Festival, February is recognized for Ski for Women and Anchorage Fur Rendezvous events.Anchorage, Alaska is a place for people of all ages. The place offers a plethora of activities for instance the Nordic Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Snowmobile etc.

Besides these fishing, river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, sail boarding, sailing and other motorized water sports can be relished here at ease. Along with these the H20asis Water park that lies in the southeast of Anchorage and includes a 43-foot high water coaster is a round the year pull of this place. Also people frequently visit anchorage because of the numerous sports events held here. Baseball, basketball and hockey are the most cherished sports here.The nightlife of anchorage is quite thrilling and enjoyable.

There are many bars and dinner theatres here. The Rumrunner's Old Towne Bar & Grill downtown located at the corner of 4th and E Street are eminent night-out joints. Also known is the Fly By Night Club, a non-typical dinner theater that features non-politically correct political humor.Another wonderful feature of Alaska is that luxury as well as budget travelers can have a gala time here. The accommodation and lodging of all sorts is readily available. Besides this camping can also be conveniently done at this place.

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By: Mansi Aggarwal

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