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Taking a well deserved vacation is good tonic for almost anyone, but it's traveling to get to the destination that can be difficult and stressful. However, there are lots of things that you can do to make the trip more pleasurable and successful, and here are some travel packing tips to help you have great family vacations:.* If you are traveling by airline, often it's a good idea to get luggage that makes transport much easier for you. For instance lots of luggage these days comes with rollers that let you just pull the luggage along behind you very easily instead of having to carry it through the airport. Many luggage makers also design their bags so that they can be easily stacked together and rolled by one person.

* Here are some things that you should always bring with you in a carry-on bag whenever you travel: your driver's license, wallet, credit cards, traveler's checks, airline tickets, information on your lodging, insurance cards, and your passport if you are traveling outside the country. If the airline loses your other luggage for any reason this will insure that you have your most important documents with you anyway.* It's a good idea to buy film before traveling in order to save money, but film can easily be destroyed by the increased security devices that are in use now, so consider buying a special case made especially for carrying film when you travel.

If you are carrying the film on board with you, you can tell the security personnel that you are carrying film and ask for a manual inspection and they will often comply. If you do wind up buying your film at your destination, be sure to develop it before you leave to be sure that don't lose any valuable reminders of your fun vacation.* If you are bringing some valuables with you as you travel, be sure to keep them in your carry on bag instead of the checked luggage to prevent loss or theft.* Bring along some plastic bags to keep your dirty clothes separate from the clean clothes while you are on your trip if you want to keep the clean ones fresh. Also put your shoes in plastic bags to keep them from rubbing against your clothes and making marks while in your luggage.* If you have medications it's usually best to take them on board with you to avoid the possibility of being lost along with any checked luggage.

It's also a good idea to keep them in their original bottles to avoid raising any suspicions as you go through security checkpoints. And be sure that all medications that you use in the US are allowed in other countries too, as that is not always the case and you can actually have them confiscated or even worse, land in jail because of them.Be sure to read the second part of this article series on travel packing tips that can help you have great family vacations for even more valuable information.

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By: Thad Pickering

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