Tips for Women on a Round the World Trip

If you're planning on setting off around the world, it's worth preparing a few things in advance. There are always a few more risks when you're in a new country ? true for men as well as women. So, the better prepared you are, the more you can relax and enjoy yourself.Here are 10 tips to set you on your way.Travelling alone: You don't often have to travel on your own if you don't want to. You might be able to join a tour ? a group with an experienced guide and 10 to 20 other like-minded people.

Another plus is that you can budget cash more easily this way.Fighting jetlag: One of the very best ways to combat jetlag on long flights is to drink lots of water whilst on the plane. If you arrive before 1pm local time, have a short sleep for no longer than three hours. Later than 1pm and you should try and stay awake as long as you can ? try and hold out until 7pm.

Your handbag: The ideal bag for travelling has inner compartments that can be zipped closed. Use a bag with a long strap so you can wear it across your body. The thicker the strap, the better. Thieves sometimes cut a strap to get away with a bag.

Your valuables: Try to keep your valuables in a lightweight money purse under your clothes. In the unlikely event you're confronted, you can give up your purse with less of a problem. It's also worth taking a photocopy of your passport, itinerary, travel insurance, credit cards and other important documents.

Keep them in a safe place ? a different place to the originals, of course.Culture and customs: It's really useful to get an idea of local culture and customs. Respecting the way the locals do things will help you avoid uncomfortable scenarios.Using the phone: If you don't have a mobile that works in the countries you're travelling to, carry a pre-paid international calling card. It's advisable to ring home regularly too.

We promise, your mum didn't slip us a bribe.Emergency numbers: Write the contact details of a few family members or friends. It's amazing how you can forget numbers in times of stress. So, although you might think it's over the top to write them down, it might be worth your while.Pills and The Pill: You may not be able to get the same medication in the country you're travelling to, so make sure you take enough supplies to last you. Remember your contraceptive pill, if you take one.

And also take precautions against sexually-transmitted diseases ? take condoms along.HIV risk: It's a good idea to avoid ear-piercing, tattooing, acupuncture and dental work whilst travelling, as there can be HIV risks in each of these cases.Water: Try not to become dehydrated.

Drink bottled water regularly ? checking the seal on the bottle is intact. Becoming dehydrated can result in urinary tract infections, which can be very painful.


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By: Haydn Wrath

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