Eating Smartly On Your Round The World Trip

We all go through stages of eating the wrong things. But, when you're on the road it's particularly easy to get into bad habits.Rather than take time over choosing food and drinks wisely ? or the vendors, for that matter ? it's not unknown for travellers to grab something at the first available opportunity. Sometimes this isn't the best policy.

Firstly, you need energy when travelling, and a quick pizza doesn't necessarily offer what your body's looking for. Secondly, when you're not sure about food storage or catering standards, you need to be careful you're not putting your health at risk.Here are a few thoughts you might want to bear in mind. We're not saying you shouldn't try new things, as that's what travelling's all about. But, it's worth thinking before you buy.Starting the day well.

The regular English breakfast is not the worst thing you can eat, actually. When you've got chance to get some good breakfast though, try not to eat overly fatty meals like danish pastries or doughnuts ? they can drain your energy. Cereals, fruit and protein (e.

g. eggs) are good to start the day on.Small and regular portions.

The old saying about eating small portions at regular intervals holds true. Your body needs energy every four or five hours, so six small snacks (of the right thing) every day is not over-the-top, believe it or not.Drinks.Bottled water is a must when you're in some countries ? we'd recommend drinking it wherever you are rather than taking the risk. Have a bottle on you at all times if you can.

Your body needs it.Drinks in cans or carbonated ones are usually OK, as too are drinks that are made with boiled water. Remember, ice may be a risk unless you are sure it's been made with water that has already been boiled. So too is ice cream if you're not 100 per cent about its source.Tea and coffee is fine, and if you can drink it black that means you don't have to risk the milk.

Cooked versus raw.Like boiling water, cooking food kills bacteria. Always eat food which is still hot (not just warm), and try to avoid uncooked vegetables and salads where possible.

You always take a risk when eating raw foods, especially raw or rare meat and non-cooked seafood or shellfish.Milk and cheese.Not all milk and cheese you'll find abroad will be pasteurised.

Read the labels carefully to make sure.On the side.Condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup and salad dressings are best eaten if they come in packages.Fruit and nut.Peeling fruit can give you peace-of-mind if you're worried about its cleanliness.

Eating nuts and seeds are great for keeping energy levels up.'Cook it, wash it, peel it or forget it' is not a bad mantra to travel by.Diet supplements.If you're into your supplements, antioxidants are pretty good for travelling.

The best ones are vitamins C and E, selenium and beta-carotene.Consult the book.Looking for recommendations in your guide book is not a bad ploy when it comes to eating well. A good-value meal doesn't necessarily mean you have to risk life-and-limb in the process. And remember, if you find somewhere you like you can always ask where else the staff recommend.

Or ask the locals. A great sign of a good foodplace is if it is full of people who live in the area.Finishing the day on a light note.It's better to eat your bigger meals as early as possible in the day.

Your body slows down towards the end of the afternoon, and so it burns less calories. Lighter meals (incorporating white meat or fish) are a good idea.

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