Currituck County The Best Kept Secret of the Outer Banks

What comes to mind when you think of the Outer Banks? Obvious answers may include the stunning, white shorelines of the North Carolina coast, the tranquil breezes and lush tall grass filled with wildlife. You may think, too, of the wild mustangs that trot along the shore, answering to no master. You may think of history: the flight experiments at Kitty Hawk or the famous Lost Colony outdoor drama, the longest running play of its kind, in Manteo.How often, though, do you think of Currituck County? True, you may tend to think of the Outer Banks in terms of the towns strung together along the beach, yet many of the more populous destinations in the area are situated along the southern shores. During the peak seasons, hotels and RV parks are cramped, and restaurants have lines of hungry people wrapped around the parking lots. While the Outer Banks can offer a relaxing vacation for the family, sometimes it seems every family in the nation shares your ideas, on the same day.

Yet, Currituck County is situated in the northern end of the Outer Banks, the state's best kept secret.Visitors to Currituck County are always welcome to enjoy a relaxing family vacation, as the area offers something for everybody all year round. The Currituck Outer Banks were settled by the early Colonists in 1688, one of the earliest settlements in the New World, and to this day the beaches are clean and beautiful, and offer spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.Currituck is a sportsman's paradise. Home to the renowned Currituck Club, visitors can enjoy a day of golf in between days of surfing and sailing. Fishing enthusiasts may charter a boat at Coinjock Marina and enjoy a day in the sun, on the sea.

For those who like to hike, the Charles Kurault Trail in Knotts Island provides ample opportunity for exercise and viewing the wild in their element.Don't assume, either, that Currituck is a sleepy beach area that shuts down at sunset. Quite the contrary, while Currituck is still a bit isolated so as not to be cramped with tourists, the area does enjoy a healthy nightlife. Restaurateurs are flocking to the area to establish cafes with fine cuisine and entertainment. Plan your vacation ahead of time by checking with the Department of Tourism at VisitCurrituck, and you may be able to attend a wine tasting or seminar at any of our wineries in beautiful Knotts Island.Of course, no trip to the Outer Banks would be complete without a visit to two of Currituck's most popular landmarks - The Currituck Lighthouse and The Whalehead Club.

For over a century, the lighthouse has guided ships safely across the Chesapeake Bay, while the Whalehead Club (the former private residence of Edward Collings) serves to remind us of the glamour and stately pride of the resort area.Visitors are welcome to stay in Currituck and see the whole Outer Banks - we are very close, so driving is never an issue. Be sure to send for free brochures so you can plan ahead for a relaxing, fun vacation.


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By: Kathryn Lively

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