Probably one of the most underrated vacation spots is Cleveland, Ohio. You should not be misled by its reputation as the "steel town." Cleveland is actually a very hospitable city that is not only known for it's manufacturing, but also for its vast parklands, museums and very active sporting and cultural events.

Downtown Cleveland.The heart of Cleveland's charm is its downtown, where you will find the historic "Public Square." The square is very reminiscent of Cleveland in the early 1800s. It has beautiful fountains and sculptures that the city maintains to this day. Downtown Cleveland hosts the world-famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum built in the 90's.

Visitors flock to the museum not only to look at rock and roll artifacts and watch live performances, but also to take advantage of its many wonderful educational and public programs.Walking through the skyscraper-lined streets of downtown Cleveland immerses you in its energetic urban ambiance, very much like the atmosphere in New York, Boston and Los Angeles. Gone are Cleveland's rather prosaic beginnings.

Everything in the city now bustles with life.Things to do in Cleveland.It is best to visit Cleveland in the summer ? the days are warm and long, perfect for shopping and dining. The streets are lined with fusion restaurants featuring alfresco dining. You can pack your own lunch and head out to Cleveland's many national and municipal parks for a simple picnic.If you happen to be in Cleveland during the winter, don't worry ? there are still lots of things to do.

Winter is the perfect time to visit the city's cultural attractions. You can watch plays, go to the symphony, attend the opera, or go to museums to view works of local and international artists. The Historic Warehouse District, the Flats Entertainment District and the Historic Gateway District are alive with activities all year long.

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By: Steve Valentino

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